The Key To Daily Feminine Style Lies Dormant In Your Closet

“Everything is hard before it’s easy!”

While it’s great to have loads of beautiful clothes and jewelry, they’re not much use if they’re not properly organized. You know you’ve got a killer outfit in your closet somewhere, but actually putting it together piece by piece is impossible: nothing is where it’s supposed to be.

The good news is that you’re not alone. Lack of closet organization is one of the main reasons why you keep telling yourself “you have nothing to wear.” But fear not: we’re here to sort this problem out and end this sorry state of affairs. Your closet in brimming with beautiful clothes and jewelry that make you feel empowered. It’s time to start putting those items on and strutting your stuff.


Hang With Precision

Do the jackets, coats, and blouses hanging from the rail in your closet look haphazard? If they do, you could be missing out. Jackets that aren’t properly aligned, dresses which look misplaced – they all discourage you from taking them off the rack and wearing them on an unconscious level. Staring at a disordered closet can deny you the opportunity to put on your best clothes and come up with new combinations. But don’t worry: there’s an easy solution. Make sure that all the items in your closet face the same way. This will make it easier for you to rifle through your wardrobe when you’re looking for what to wear in the morning.


Drawer Dividers Are Miraculous

If you’ve ever wanted to organize your drawers, look no further than drawer dividers. Drawer dividers don’t have to come with the drawers themselves. You can pick up cheap plastic varieties from most craft stores. Use drawer dividers to sort out your pantie an, bra and sock drawers. You could organize these small garments by color, type or style. Think about the amount of time you could save.


Get Rid Of The Cardboard Boxes Full Of Shoes At The Bottom Of Your Closet

Nothing is more annoying than dragging out dozens of pairs of shoes from the bottom of your closet to find the ones that will go with your outfit. But despite the inconvenience, many of us insist on using opaque, cardboard boxes to store all our footwear.

There’s a good reason for this: boxes keep all our shoes in one place and stop them from migrating over the entire floor of our closet in a giant mass. But there is a better way: smaller, translucent boxes. Small boxes deal with the problem of having to rifle through your entire shoe collection every time you want to find a pair to wear. And the clear part guarantees that you’re able to quickly find the shoes you want, every time. Why not try it for yourself?


Put Your Bags On Display

When it comes to closet design, most people didn’t bet on having a dozen or more bags. Usually, bags get stuffed down at the bottom of the wardrobe, just like shoes – and as a result, many bags are forgotten. Rather than stuffing bags inside other bags and hoping you’ll remember where they are and what they go with, try making your own bag display. It’s simple really: all you need is shelving like they have in the stores where each bag has its own “box,” and you’ll have a real display that gives you all your outfit options up front.


Stop Stuffing Your Jewelry In A Box

Many women believe that in order to store their jewelry effectively, they have to put it all inside a single jewelry box and hope for the best. But the problem with this is that pairs of earrings get mixed up, rings get lost, and necklaces become entangled with each other, all of which gives you grief.

But there’s a solution: using displays like jewelry displays for retail stores here. These displays are designed to make sure that each piece of jewelry is separate from every other in your collection, like in a regular jewelry store. With every item in its place, you’ll quickly be on the road to more organized jewelry.


Hang Your Belts Just Like You’d Hang Your Coat

You wouldn’t stuff your coat inside a drawer, so why do it to your belts? Belts are an essential fashion accessory – one which can add a “little extra” to any outfit. But if all your belts are coiled up like snakes in your chest of drawers, then you won’t be able to find the inspiration you need when choosing a new outfit.

Hanging them up and having them on display is relatively straightforward. All you need is an upright pole on a stand and some hooks drilled around the top. Alternatively, you can build hooks directly into the closet itself. Four or five running along the back should be enough for your belt collection.

Add Scent To Your Closet

Adding scent to your wardrobe won’t make it more organized. But what it will do is deter creatures like moths from making it their home. Science has shown that lavender is particularly effective for this purpose, and is a great natural complement to clothes anyway. You don’t have to use fresh lavender from the garden: sachets of lavender essence that won’t shed are available online.


Keep Your Shoes In Shape

Nothing is worse than rifling through your shoe collection, only to find that your favorite pair of heels has been crushed under the weight of the rest of your clothes. Not only do the shoes look sorry for themselves in their flattened state, but worse still, they’re often created, discouraging you from wearing them.

The solution is rather simple if a little old-school: use shoe trees. Shoe trees made from cedar help to get rid of odor and keep shoes in the shape they were meant to be in, even if you dump a load of clothes boxes on top of them.


Rotate Your Staples

Sometimes it’s good to do a stock take on your own closet to see which clothes are okay to continue wearing, and which are past their sell by date. Throw out jeans with holes in them and cotton trousers that are now so worn, they’re shiny.


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