Pair Your Style With A Statement Of Emotion

“Don’t be like everybody else, make your own fashion statement!”

Style comes from inspiration, experiences, and emotions. And this is what you need to understand and create your own style; it’s important to tap into that so it’s an honest and true reflection of yourself. Now you may think that this sounds a lot easier said than done, but it’s just about feeling. Even the simple things like waking up really happy – you may want to pair that with a yellow dress for example, because it’s bright and sunny, just like how you’re feeling. Got it?

Here are some more examples…


A statement of accessory

Accessories are so much fun because you can mix and match them, stack them, tie them – and the list goes on. The more creative you are, the more freedom you will have to do whatever you like. For example, if there’s a chiffon scarf that you saw in the store and just had to buy it because it was pretty, you may not have actually thought of how you’re going to wear it. Well, why not turn in into a head tie one day, and an ankle cuff the next? Or let’s say you’re feeling very in love, whether that be with your other half, or your child, Name Necklaces – Soufeel sell a stunning range of necklaces that can all be customized to whatever name or word you wish. If that’s not a statement of love, I don’t know what is!


Selecting the shoes

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. You really can never have enough. You must have a new pair for at least each day, and they have to flow with your ever changing emotions too. If one day you’re in a ‘bring it on world’ kind of mood (it happens to all of us) a chunky chelsea boot would work wonders for this vibe. If you’re feeling like a wild panther who’s just escaped from the zoo, then a bold stiletto would suit the sultriness quite nicely.

Another tip to use is to always match your hair to the shoe. This doesn’t mean the color or the shape of course, but the vibe it gives off. So with the stiletto, you’ll want your hair to be rather sleek with a beautiful shine to it. And with the chelsea boot, you could get away with a messy bun or ponytail.


The confidence

Now, this isn’t something that you can buy from your favorite designer store. This is something that you have to build from scratch all by yourself. It will be hard, and you’ll have better days than others, but confidence is what will give you the edge that everyone wants, and keep you looking and feeling fine, regardless of the clothes on your body, the way you do your hair, and the shoes that you walk with. Confidence lets you strut your stuff down the high street, into your place of work, or even around the house without feeling unworthy or embarrassed – quite the opposite in fact. You will feel beautiful, unique, proud, and well… rather untouchable.

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