Natural Beauty, My Fashion Au Naturel

“She threw away all of her masks and put on her soul!”

If you were to believe the media, you’d think that you can’t develop a natural style and remain beautiful. But don’t be fooled by fashion magazines. You can embrace nature and remain a trendy fashionista who still turns heads in the street. Loving nature and loving fashion are not mutually exclusive. But like most things, they do require a little bit of clever juggling and research to stay true to your priorities. Whether you love the beauty of nature, or whether you love natural beauty, it’s likely that your fashion preferences will be different. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fashionable nature-lover. On the contrary! You can build your fashion style … naturellement!

Natural beauty is about simple fashion
In the Feng Shui philosophy, earth colors are the best choice for your interior decor, because they are calming and natural. So it comes as no surprise that the same argument also applies to the world of fashion. Earth colors not only create simple and classy outfits but they immediately give a natural elegance to your movements and body shape too. You can combine natural material to the colors, such as focusing on leather, cotton, wool and silk, which can be naturally produced. As a rule of the thumb, earth colors cover a vast range of shades from black to ivory, with tones of reds, yellows, creams, and greens. In other words, Earth colors are the colors of landscapes. Simply use them to dress your body to the latest trends!

Let your natural beauty shine
There’s an important element of nature-conscious fashion that some people tend to forget: Beauty care. From makeup choice to beauty routines, you have plenty of natural alternatives to your favorite brands. Don’t think that natural products achieve worse results than your beauty favorites. On the contrary, they tend to be more nourishing than chemical products. If you are are struggling to get shiny and soft hair, you can achieve amazing results with the best natural hair products, using argan oil, coconut water and peppermint oil to add volume and silkiness. Chemical products can damage your hair and your scalp in the long term, which makes your hairstyle look a little dull. So, opting for natural products is actually better for you!

Beautiful natural hair

Eat yourself beautiful

Your skin is your best fashion ally. A healthy skin glows and makes you look naturally beautiful, no matter what you are wearing. But a healthy skin requires a lot of care, not only from beauty products but also from your diet too. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables provides your skin with the vitamins it needs to maintain its elasticity and to fight off the damaging effects of pollution. An apple a day, for example, doesn’t only keeps the doctor away but also keeps your skin looking youthful. Strawberries are the best weapon against wrinkles. Lemon tightens the skin. In other words, you can eat your way to natural beauty and say yes to the no-makeup selfies!

In conclusion, if you know where to look, you can build for yourself a fabulous natural fashion list, from simple and earth-colored outfits to natural beauty products and plenty of healthy fruits and veggies. Remember the most important, though, is that your natural beauty comes from within!


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