Beat your Beauty Blues! Unleashing your Inner Self-Confidence

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms!”

Everyone has their moments of self-doubt. With magazines flaunting perfectly airbrushed models and social media showing us the perfect-looking celebrities, it can become simple to start doubting yourself. Suddenly no matter how much attention you pay to the maintenance of your appearance, nothing seems enough. But don’t worry. This is totally natural. You just need to ensure that it doesn’t start to take over your thoughts completely. Whenever you start feeling a little down, you just need to follow a few basic steps to fix up in no time. Read on to familiarise yourself with them!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
The first steps towards becoming comfortable in your own skin are to stop comparing yourself to others. When you look at people in the media, or even your friends’ and colleagues’ social media feeds, remember that what people post is a mere showreel of the highlights of their life. Nobody posts images of themselves when they’re feeling run down at the end of a long week at work. Nor do they show you how they’re looking most of the time, sat at home with their hair scraped back in comfortable pajamas with a bucket of ice cream on their lap in front of the television. If you need, take a step away from social media and glossy mags for a while. It’s time to start focusing on you, not everyone else.

Identify Your Beauty Blues
Sit down a write a list of everything that you feel a little conscious of. Most of the time, you will realize that all you need to change a few items on the list to switch up your lifestyle a little. If you want to lose a few pounds or put a little weight on, you just need to opt for an alternative, more balanced diet. If you fancy becoming a little more toned, you just have to implement more exercise into your weekly routine. Some things, however, will require a little more help from professionals. These can be things like ear surgery, breast augmentation or removal of varicose veins. The lucky thing is that nowadays there’s an option that can help.

Take a Break From Makeup
Give yourself a break from makeup. This will push you outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to get used to being carefree and bare faced in day to day life. It will also give your skin a well deserved break from heavy products that can often block your pores. This rest from makeup will allow your skin to replenish itself. Drink more water during this time too. You’ll really see the difference when your skin begins to look more hydrated. Say goodbye to blackheads and spots!

These are just a few different ways to feel more comfortable in your own skin, but there are plenty more out there. So, it’s time to stop feeling down and allowing the beauty blues to run the game. Start being proud of your personal appearance.

Just in case you need a little confidence boost to get your week started, remember…”beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face,”



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  1. Martha Boddie
    Martha Boddie says:

    Great read! Taking a break from makeup comes easy for me since I hardly ever wear it. I am always thinking that others compare themselves to me and I really don’t know why. I’m a bit of a nerdy tomboy 🙂 Thanks for the message.


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