Why not be a Lady?

“Be a Lady worth knowing!”

I grew up in a home where I was the only daughter and the oldest child.  I loved playing with cars, lego, and soldiers.  I didn’t have a baby doll or stroller, my favorite birthday gift was a Go Cart.  Climbing trees and the roof of our house, fighting with boys, roller skating and bike riding were my favorite things to do…so how did I figure out what being feminine meant?

It took me a long time to be OK with a description of myself of “feminine” because I always considered myself one of the boys and being feminine was also a sign of weakness to me.  After many, many years of being a fighter (and not always in a good way), I have realized that femininity is something I embrace.  It is a strength that we as Women are fortunate enough to have, and it should most definitely be harnessed.

So, how does one harness that feminine power?  And more importantly, what does it look like to be feminine, powerful and act like a lady?  Here are 5 Tips to help you look, feel and act like a lady…

  1.  Speak nicely to yourself and to others.  I think sometimes it’s easier to speak nicely to others and neglect ourselves.  I have always believed that we attract what we think and if we are thinking negative thoughts, then it will be seen in our countenance.  There is nothing worse than looking at someone that looks angry or sour…they do not have an inner light, which is where your feminine power comes from.
  2. Pamper yourself, enjoy a nice soak in the bath, get a pedicure, or something that makes you feel good about yourself.  If your cup is full then you are able to feel the best about yourself, treat others well and feel more relaxed and confident in things that you do.
  3. Spend time with people that lift you up.  This is a big one for me…over the years I have really defined what my friendships are, and I only surround myself with those that don’t withdraw more than they deposit.  What I mean by that is I have had friends in the past that have left me feeling exhausted when I leave them and that I have nothing left to give because they have taken it all.  Yes, I know that sometimes a friend may have something going on that you can really help with and give them all your love and attention, but I’m talking about those friends that consistently take and take, until you feel like all you ever do is give.  Not that I think it’s a bad thing to be there for people and serve, but I do believe that I have to save some of me for me and my family, and those friendships clearly don’t do that.  Nowadays, I can honestly tell you that each and every one of my friends is love and would do anything for.  So, I surround myself with like minded thinkers, confident, strong and independent Women.  I tell my kids this all the time “Who you surround yourself with is who you are going to become like”…so I surround myself with those people that I love and respect.
  4. Be positive as much as possible – people are attracted to positivity, in fact, I am so turned off by negative energy that I find myself trying to fix people that I know exhibit these tendencies.  Now, we all know that we can’t change anyone, so it really is just an exercise in futility, so I have realized that the only thing I can affect is ME…so I choose to be positive, and perhaps, that positivity will rub off on those that may be a little lacking in that area.  Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you’ve been angry or frustrated?  If you haven’t, you should try it.  The first time I did it I realized that it was definitely one of the most unattractive things I had ever seen.  My face contorted, I had more wrinkles and I just looked…well, ugly!
  5. Indulge your feminine side…buy more feminine clothing such as Silk, Satin and feminine styled dresses.  When you’re being positive, taking care of yourself and your cup is full, you deserve to be able to treat yourself well.  Yes, I know I’m a shopper, so I always interpret that to mean I should go and buy myself something that makes me feel good…luxurious fabrics and styles can absolutely transform your mood, your demeanor and style.

I definitely err on the side of being aggressive (although I prefer to call it tenacious), but I am learning ways to use that power in a more feminine way.  Being a lady and being feminine does not mean giving up any of your power, it just means that we have something extra and it should not be taken lightly.

I am excited to see where my feminine power takes me…it’s only me that can hold me back!!

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on femininity – I promise I won’t post them unless you want me to 😉

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