What does Confidence Look Like?

“Too many days are spent comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be someone we aren’t!”

One of the hardest things about confidence is that it is a feeling, a way of being, so how do we know if someone is or is not confident?  Actually, if you were to examine it, you would know a healthy self-confidence can be seen by how someone carries themselves, how they dress, how they allow others to treat them and how they treat others.  It is possible to be confident and not think or consider others at all, and that’s a whole different topic but typically, a self-assured and confident person genuinely cares about others and realizes that they have this innate ability to share what they know and the gifts they have been given.  Everyone is born into different circumstances, they have different childhoods and life experiences, and therefore the results are going to be really different.  With that being said, I truly believe that anyone that really wants something badly enough is able to achieve that in their lives.  But, it starts with believing you can do it and having the confidence to try…

One of the biggest reasons for not having a healthy self esteem is because you don’t live up to the standards you think you should.  We have expectations that are programmed into us by what we see on TV, in magazines, and the environment in which we live.  If you spend too much time watching TV and seeing celebrities and models on there you may create an unconscious expectation on yourself, which will only make you disappointed.

Be yourself because originals are worth more than a copy!

It is hard to not compare ourselves to other people, especially when we are not feeling confident in ourselves.  The best remedy for this is to take control of yourself.  You decide how you feel and that very often can stem from how you look. Make the decision to LIKE how you look, don’t look at others and envy or want what they have (I am sure we’ve all done that at times), but if you just love yourself for your amazing gifts and talents then the confidence will follow…

The first step to being able to feel great about yourself and your life is to recognize areas that you could perhaps improve upon.  Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts when you think you are not as good, pretty, rich, or thin as another person? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the first step is to realize that you are doing that and it is a destructive behavior…instead look for something you have, something you can do or someone you have in your life that you can truly be grateful for!

Another great way to feel great is to look great – you know when you hear a compliment from someone about how you look, even if you weren’t aware, that does something physical to your body – we are human, we crave that connection. Everyone’s looking good is going to be different, and that is what is the most important thing to remember.  Don’t try to be someone else, just be YOU.  One of the funnest ways to feel good is to go into a beauty store or department store and go to the Cosmetics Department – ask them to do a makeover on you…it’s free and you can then see if it’s something you really want to do and if it makes you feel good.

Finally…trying putting together a great outfit, rock it, own it and walk like you mean business –  your confidence will become contagious and others feel that!

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