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“Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.  Know your worth even if they don’t.”

I have recently been soul searching to find out why I started my blog.  Then I remembered, I have had some experiences in work and in my life that have led me to know that I need to learn and grow from them.  I started this blog to help empower others to use what they already have inside them to create a rich and fulfilled life.

I was raised with the belief that I could be or do whatever I wanted to. I am extremely lucky that my parents encouraged and validated me enough to believe in myself.

Confidence is something that is visible – how you stand, your facial expressions and body language


That doesn’t mean that I haven’t met bumps along the way, made life harder for myself, or have just basically fallen flat on my face! But what it does mean is that no matter how many times I feel crappy, have self-doubt, insecurity, or failures, I KNOW I can pick myself up and figure something out. Whether that means trying the same thing over again or trying to do something a different way, I don’t quit.

As the years have progressed, I have found that the more success I have, the more confidence comes from it. I feel very secure in my abilities and know that the only thing holding me back is ME.

After Graduating from College, still living in England, I had an interview with a Pharmaceutical company that I thought went really well. I made it to the third round of interviews – feeling really confident in myself and my abilities I met with the female recruiter only to have a conversation I was not expecting. She explained to me that I would be meeting with Doctors who expect to see a Woman who (words to the effect of) “wears a short skirt”. Being a Young Woman I was absolutely appalled that someone could expect something like this. I was definitely naïve but I have realized as my career has gone on, that unfortunately, you meet people like this all the time.

No matter how hard you try, not everyone is going to like you all the time…so love yourself – that you can control!


I made it my goal to find a way to express myself with style that did not dictate how short or tight my clothing was. Being remembered should not be for these reasons. I believed that my intelligence would be what people remembered, but after years of experience, I have found that unfortunately that is not the case. Why am I telling you this? Because… if you want to be remembered, the most important factor, is to be your own unique self. Fashions will fade, your confidence and belief in yourself (that very often can come from looking and feeling great) is what people will remember.

You will notice that I don’t always follow rules for fashion and I most certainly like to find things that are different.  I have been told that I like to take fashions and make them my own…Now it’s time for you to use your unique style to help you create success and confidence in your life!

We all have experiences that can knock us down, make us feel self-doubt or feel defeated, in fact, there are some times in our life where that is what we feel more than anything else.  If we have a foundation of confidence and determination then it will make those times much easier to handle.  It certainly doesn’t mean that we won’t ever face challenges because we have no control over what other people do, but what it does mean is that we will be able to handle those challenges.

Have you ever found yourself in a place in your career where you have ended up working for someone that has not treated you well, disrespected you, or devalued you?  My guess is that at some point during your career you may have felt at least one or more of these things.  I went through an experience over the past few years that directed me into starting this blog so I could share my experiences.  I don’t feel angry about it anymore, I feel grateful that I was able to see the situation as a great learning opportunity…

I am sure you have heard the expression “Fight, Flight or Freeze”…Which category do you fall into?  I have always been a FIGHT girl, my first reaction is to attack rather than be attacked, and I have to admit it has served me well in my chosen career, it has given me the determination I needed to get through tough times.  That doesn’t mean that if it’s not your natural tendency to fight for things, that you can’t still do that…we are just talking about your initial reaction.  If you were placed in a life or death situation, if your life or someone you love’s life were in danger, would that change your reaction?  If the answer is yes, then think about this – your life is in danger (at least from a happiness and peace perspective).  How do you feel now?  Are you willing to fight for yourself…develop your confidence and make your life happy and successful?

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