Style – It’s all in the Details

“You will never influence the world by being just like it!”

One of the most important things to me when I am putting together an outfit is to make sure that I am putting my own unique stamp on what I’m wearing.  Unless you are buying one of a kind pieces or shopping in really obscure places, chances are that you are going to end up with clothes in your wardrobe that are just like other people’s clothes.   We all tend to shop at a lot of the same stores, so when we end up with the same pieces what do we do to make our look unique?  What do you do to make yourself stand out?  It’s all in the details…

The outfit combination I put together in today’s post is a little different because of a couple of reasons:

  1. A unique, statement necklace
  2. A plain T-shirt that is knotted at the front
  3. A lace skirt that is really eye-catching

When you add together these three things, it makes the outfit my own personal style.

What are some things that you have tried to make your outfit unique?  Whether it’s accessories, a statement piece of clothing, a funky pair of shoes or just a really unique combination of pieces that make the whole outfit really distinct, putting your own stamp on your outfit is what is really going to transform your look and make you stand out.

Here are some ideas for style creativity that you may not have thought about before…try wearing a your clothes in different ways.

  1. Add a belt to a plain shift dress to add a little color and change
  2. Wear a midi length raincoat in fall with just some fishnets and nude shoes
  3. Add a sequined top under a business suit to give an unexpected look
  4. Add a silk patterned belt to a denim dress or onto your jeans to add a splash of color
  5. Invest in a great pair of “wow” shoes to add to a plain dress to spice it up
  6. Add a statement piece of jewelry (like this necklace) or a big cuff
  7. Check out celebrity and blogger styles to see what they are doing.  Do some bargain shopping to find similar pieces and adapt what you have seen to your own style

It would be a really fun exercise to see if you have any of the pieces I am wearing and if you can style them your own unique way.  If you do really like anything in this post, you an shop them by clicking the links below 🙂

I would love to see pictures of you in some unique styles that you have created!  Send me an email…

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