Mixing Colors in Your Style


“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality!”

So I was wearing this outfit for work and one of my friends asked me if I was planning on going hunting after work – it was a little cheeky I have to admit, but it did make me think. There are lots of times when mixing colors is right, there are times when it’s wrong and then there are times when not everyone understands, but you feel it and do it anyway 🙂 Today’s outfit is exactly one of those occasions.  She was joking but I think deep down she didn’t “get” the look I was going for.

So how do we determine what looks good together and what doesn’t?  I do love my kids to show their own personalities in their style but there have definitely been times that I have had to intervene because they have put something together that is just a little much.  Reiken, my youngest, very often likes to mix all kinds of things, and while we were on our trip he work a Hawaiian flowered T-shirt with some checkered shorts – I don’t think he could have managed to find 2 thing to wear together that clashed more than those.  The funny thing was that he had a suitcase full of neutral shorts and shirts and those were the 2 he picked out.  I haven’t figured out yet if they were the first two he found or if he specifically wanted to wear them together.

Being unique is something that is a great thing, however there are definitely some things that do not “work” together. Recently I have seen some outfits in magazines that feature multiple different floral color schemes, and somehow they seem to work.  I think the reason I didn’t like Reiken’s outfit was not just about the patterns but also the colors.  He had Orange checkered shorts with a Hawaiian T shirt that was Black, Maroon, Pink and Green…

If you are a new to this color mixing and pattern matching game, I would say there are a few rules of thumb to bear in mind and they are simply, don’t wear colors that clash (trying to match too closely is always a bad idea), and steer clear of contrasting patterns unless you are feeling really bold.  I do think that some people can pull it off, but it is not easy to do and if it’s not right, it can be a disaster.  Some simple tips for color mixing to make your life easier are:

  1.  Stay in the same color family – wear bold colors with bold colors, wear pastels with pastels, and wear Jewel tones with jewel tones.
  2. Use a printed scarf or other article of clothing to help you see which colors look great together.  Sometimes this allows you a little more depth in your color matching because sometimes unexpected colors look fantastic together.  If you have a printed blouse and the main color is Yellow, with some Green, Blue and Pink, put together your outfit with Yellow as the center color and build around it with a pair of shoes, Jacket, accessories etc. in the other colors.
  3. Use a color wheel – you can find them a lot of places online.  With a wheel you match colors that are directly opposite to the color you are wearing, so Pink is opposite Green and they compliment each other really well.
  4. If you’re still unsure you can always add Black, White (or a neutral such as Grey or Cream) to any outfit as a compliment.  They work with any color and can enhance it if you add the right pieces 🙂

One of my favorite ways to mix colors right now is to mix the same colors – White on White or Black on Black.  On my recent travels I bought a couple of faux leather skirts (Navy and Dusky Pink) and when I put together those outfits one look I am going to create is the Navy skirt with a different shade of Navy top.  Mixing the same colors is best when you have different textures, such as Leather and Silk or Velvet.  The reason this looks the best is because it is very unlikely that you will find exactly the same color, so when the textures or material is different it looks intentional and not like they “don’t match”.

Whenever you wear bold colors or mix colors like I did in this post you are always going to find someone that has something to say or has an opinion – and you have to consider if you want to heed what they say or if you are still good to march to the beat of your own drum.  I’ve always thought it better to be my own kind of drummer girl, so I just wear what I like and don’t worry about what others think.  Hence the reason I posted today’s pictures!


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