Feminine and Sexy in Satin

“Never lose your class.  There is sexy written all over you when you are classy!”

First let me start by telling you that looking and feeling sexy is not something that you should ever feel guilty about.  In fact, I have always thought that we should be proud of our assets and use them to our advantage.  I believe that being sexy and feminine are things that can work together to bring success (in whatever area of your life you are looking for it!)  That doesn’t mean that I agree with wearing things that barely cover my body, especially if we are talking about for something other than on a hot summer day, going to the lake or beach or working out.  Sexy and Classy are two things that I take very seriously.  I know that when I wear a fitted dress it’s pretty much going to draw attention, just as wearing a pair of satin pants like in this post, is something that will draw eyes my way.

If you are in a sales environment, trust me when I tell you, that both Men and Women will remember someone who is confident, and one who puts together their outfits in such a way that they accentuate their assets.  This can be a sticky subject because to me accentuating doesn’t mean exposing, it means subtly and confidently dressing.  For example, if you have a larger chest, you don’t need to push up and push out what you already have.  When you do that it can distract and often give the impression that you are nothing more than what you are showing off…A great rule of thumb is – dress for yourself, but do it in a confident and classy way.  Don’t dress in something that you think will “get you the sale” because that is devaluing yourself and ultimately will not get you the long-term results you want.

There are certain styles, fabrics and colors that are going to promote a feeling of sexiness and femininity in varying degrees, and depending on what you are doing (refer to the post from yesterday), what you wear should be thought about.  Confidence is something that can be expressed in many ways.  I have been told that when I walk, people know I’m coming…they know there’s intention behind my walk and I have somewhere to be and something to do. Confidence is also shown in how we dress – not being afraid to show your sexy, feminine side is something that can tell a story about you before you ever speak.  If you want someone to know that you are professional but also confident in yourself, there are unique ways to dress to tell that story.

I love putting together business outfits that are not your traditional Women’s suit or dress, but rather include some bold colors, add a touch of the unexpected – like some fringe, or metallic accents, accessories that really stand out, or just a detail on an item of clothing that is unique (kind of like the top in this post).  Casual styles for me also include things that tell a little about my personality – I like people to know something about me before I speak 🙂


What does it make you think when you look at this outfit?  For me, and yes I know I’m a little biased, it tells a story.  It screams fierce to me…It epitomizes my personality, where class, sass and confidence are always evident.  We don’t all have the same taste in styles and fashion, so whether you like the colors, styles or outfit that I am wearing – what does it make you think about the person wearing it?

Have you ever heard the expression “dress how you want to be addressed?”  – it’s always stuck in my mind, because I like the fact that I get to control how others perceive me…what is your motto, what style guidelines do you live by?

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