Confidently Unique

I thought this picture captured my mood today – it’s a throwback picture…but I love how Blue my eyes look (they always get really bright when I am tired or stressed!)

I am excited for my wardrobe to change for the Fall…I am particularly excited to wear more Leather and tights 🙂


“You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry…but you’re never allowed to give up!”

For some reason, today has been a rough one for me…I don’t know if it’s because of just coming back to work this week from vacation & not sleeping well, stresses from getting the boys ready to return to school next week, or something to do with the Eclipse, but I have definitely been feeling in a funk.  I know for me, the best thing to get me out of a “funk” is to keep busy and do something constructive, here I am writing a blog post.  I thought, that as Fall is quickly approaching now would be a good time to talk about how if you’re ready for it, you don’t have to worry about a new season costing you a fortune.

I had a great time writing the post yesterday about feeling confident, but when I woke up today with not much energy, it was a true test to see if I could actually influence how I feel based on how I look or what I do…

I opted to wear Yellow – a very positive color.  It helped to a certain point, but I still had a distinct lack of energy.  What I realized is, even if you look great, that is only part of feeling great.  The rest requires action, energy and commitment.  I don’t like to fail at anything, well does anyone?  So, today was a challenge for me, but with the help of a great friend (we need them, girls!), I was able to pull up my big girl panties and move on…

Here are a couple of Tips that may help you with your own confidence and as you get ready for the Fall season:

  1. Don’t hate your body. You are unique. Not everything is going to look great on everyone’s body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that will look amazing on you!.
  2. You don’t have to go out and buy a full new closet for the Fall…the new Fall colors may look great combined with items you already have in your closet.
  3. Earth tones are you friend…they will work with just about any other color – and it’s fun to add some bright, bold or jeweled tones to add an element of surprise!

For Fall it is great to pick out skirts or dresses that are longer and that can be paired with boots and tights as the weather gets colder.

What is the one wardrobe item for Fall that you just can’t live without?  Mine is my Moto Jacket 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a better day – tonight I’m going to take a soak in my amazing bathtub, read a book, quiet my thoughts (when I let my mind carry my thoughts away I don’t get a good night’s sleep), and just RELAX!!!  Today truly was a HUMP DAY for me 😉


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