What makes you Unique

“Worry about loving yourself instead of worrying about the idea of other people loving you!”

If you’ve read any of my previous posts or seen me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I talk about being unique all the time.  So I wanted to elaborate a little on what I meant.  Even since I was a little girl, being different, unique, standing out, not following the crowd and not being afraid to be myself has been something I have constantly strived for.

I realize that we all come to this earth with different talents, we look different, we have different priorities and consider some things more important than others.  I have very strong opinions, which I don’t apologize for, but I am also a very open and nonjudgemental person!  I recently did a little survey with some of my closest friends and family, I asked them to give me some adjectives that they thought best described me, to tell me what was their favorite trait of mine, what they thought I could improve on, and how they would describe my style.  I have to admit I was little nervous to get the feedback but I absolutely loved EVERYTHING that was said (even the things I could improve on, which I honestly already knew 🙂 )

So…here are a just a few highlights of what was said:

Adjectives used to describe me:  Tenacious, happy, optimistic, spicy, vivacious, direct, strong, ambitious, smart, confident, vulnerable, decisive, professional, urban, sexy, adaptable, reliable, complex, transparent and interesting!

The things I need to work on are:  patience, bluntness, and to believe in myself.

This is just a snippet of what was said, and I have to say that it made me want to be better but at the same time made me realize that I picked the friends I have for a reason 🙂

So, with all that being said, what is it that makes you unique.  We are all so different, what makes you, YOU?  The best relationships I have in my life, the greatest friendships and the ones that span the Ocean and all time, are the ones where I am spending time with someone that is not afraid to be themselves and it 100% secure in who they are.  I have met many people that don’t have as much confidence in themselves that they should.  I do love strong people, but those people come in all shapes and sizes.  I am strong in some ways and I have friends that aspire to be like because they are strong in other ways.  I think this life is all about us lifting up those around us and making them better.  If we are not worrying about what others think of us, and just being US, then we are able to be a true friend, wife, husband or partner!

I feel so happy and blessed to have the life I have chosen, because I know I have chosen the path I am on.  Even small decisions we make lead us onto a path and can totally change the course of our lives…

So, I ask you, what makes you unique?  If you were to ask those around you what they love the most about you, how they would describe you and what they think you could improve on, would you be surprised?  I talk a lot about style and presentation of yourself, but before you even get to that, you need to exude a certain power and that power comes from within you, seeing yourself as the unique, amazing person that you are.

I wanted to start off this Monday with a positive thought…as I think positive thoughts, I become more positive.  I hope it does the same for you too!


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