Weekend Street Style

“It is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you think you are not!”

I don’t always dress down, but when I do…a flowing top and some “holy” jeans take me to my happy place!

What is your casual style?  Do you have one or do you prefer to just throw on some sweats and call it good.  I am a firm believer that whether you are dressing for business or just for hanging out, you should always make the most of yourself (I say as I sit here writing this blog wearing a “very sexy” workout outfit because I haven’t managed to get ready after my exercise this morning.  Now don’t get me wrong – I actually have a little mascara (of course some lipstick), but most importantly I checked the mirror before I headed out to my office.

Casual style can be interpreted in so many ways, and it is also something that is very adaptable for what you are doing.  For example, when I go on my shopping trip to New York, I throw on a comfy pair of jeans or leggings, my trainers/sneakers, pull my hair back, add a touch of eyeliner, apply my lipstick and walk out the door.  I can tell you that even though I am not spending hours putting myself together (not that I ever spend hours), I still look attractive but ready for the day ahead of me.

When I dress casually like in these pictures, because it was more about going to dinner, just a little bit of shopping or even having a “casual” work day…I spend a little more time styling my hair, applying a little more makeup and thinking more about the finished product of the outfit I am  putting together.  Do you do that?  As you put together your outfit, do you think…”this is what I want my outfit to look like”? Or, do you just think “these pieces match, we’re good”?  There are definitely times when I am not at my best, but most of the time, I consider it vital that we make sure no matter what we’re doing, we look the best we can!  YOUR best, not what you see someone else looking like on a blog or in a magazine…work with what you have, enhance your features and dress for your body type.

Have confidence in yourself and the possibilities of what you can look like!  Enjoy yourself more when you see a finished product that looks great – I think it’s important to appreciate ourselves, admire ourselves, respect ourselves and most importantly, love ourselves.

It is a long weekend here in Utah, so as I start of this long weekend, here’s to ME and to being who and what I know I am capable of being…Make sure that when you speak to yourself you say only good things, because we are the only ones we know for sure listen to what we say!


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