Summer Wedges

“You don’t get the same moment twice in life…so don’t miss it!”

Monday is here and I am back to reality after my amazingly relaxing and fun week away river rafting.  While I had little access to Wifi (the kids seemed to hijack that) and very limited cell service, as much as I hate to admit it, I am glad to be reconnected again.  I am not someone that is constantly on my phone, but I am definitely someone who likes to have it available WHENEVER I need it – haha!

As I started this week and was thinking about what to post and how I could start the week of well, I decided to post about these amazing sandals (they are a pair I have had for a couple of years), but you can find similar by clicking here.  The reason I wanted to post about these sandals was because they make a statement and sometimes you absolutely need a pair of shoes that is going to make a statement.  Whether it’s for a wedding, social event, work, a date or just because, everyone needs at least one pair of shoes that make people notice them.  I know, I know, I like to make a statement all the time, so I have lots of pairs of shoes, but for those of you who can exercise a little more restraint, you should at least have one pair 🙂

I hope as you start off your week, you start it off on the right foot.  It’s always hard coming back from vacation, but honestly if we didn’t ever come home and back to work after a vacation, then it wouldn’t be a vacation!

I have something really interesting planned for tomorrow, so please stay tuned and bookmark the blog for tomorrow so you don’t miss it!




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