Live a Life of Adventure

“Shouldn’t life be our favorite adventure?!”

Growing up in England we had plenty of outdoor adventures but most of them didn’t happen in England.  Especially adventures like the one that has been our family tradition for 17+ years.  River rafting wasn’t something I had tried before I met Brandon, but I can tell you I am definitely hooked.

There are so many reasons that I love it and the least of them is the chance that I get to spend it with my boys.  We were missing Dalton this year (now he’s older and has a real job, he has to consider that before taking time off work).  We have been here for 5 days so far and had some great adventures.  There is some amazing white water, scenery, friends and family that we get to share this week with, so here are just a few pictures that show us going through one of our favorite rapids “Howard’s Plunge”.

The Payette river is a great place to come because there are multiple stretches of river that you can run so that you are not seeing the same things every day.  I especially love the Cabarton run because it has the rapid in this picture, but also because it feels really secluded and peaceful.  We have seen a lot of wildlife and it is always an adventure.  We travel with a  big group of people (this year there were 7 different rafts filled with people), and there is always something that happens that makes it entertaining.  This year, one of the rafts went through the rapid sideways and someone fell but only into the boat…we have seen rafts flip and lots of people “swim” in the river (thankfully that hasn’t happened to me!)

I do love the seclusion but I also miss the connection to the outside world a little…it has been an adjustment, because even though we are staying at a cabin, there is spotty wifi and I don’t have cell service unless I walk around holding my phone up!

I think there must be someone telling me I need to relax a little 🙂


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