Make the Most of Yourself

“Life loves the person that dares to live it.”

If you’ve read any magazines or looked at photographs or models or movie stars, you will see that everyone has their own unique way of presenting themselves.  The lucky thing for them is that they have someone who knows a lot about appearance and makeup to help them do it.  For those of us who are not famous but just as important, WE take care of how we look.

The great news about this is that you can look at blogs, magazines, go to beauty stores or watch how famous people do it.  The one thing that you have probably realized is that beauty and fashion are not “one size fits all”…so we may get ideas, but we then have to adapt those ideas to work (or not work) for ourselves.

When I was younger (in the 80’s), everything was BIG…big hair, lots of makeup, shoulder pads, etc.  I feel like I wear much less makeup than I used to back then, in fact, I hardly wear any at all.  My makeup consists pretty much of a little eyeshadow, liner, mascara, lipstick and a little concealer.  To me, less is more :), because I have seen lots of people wearing foundation the conceal lines, blemishes etc, but beware because what it can do is accentuate those lines and draw people’s eyes to them.

Because I am so blonde I have fair eyelashes and eyebrows (I tint my eyebrows), but I always make sure that I have on at least one layer of mascara so I don’t look like I don’t have any lashes at all!

If there was that one thing you couldn’t do without, what would it be?  Mine is mascara and lipstick…if I have those, I feel complete 😉

With style, there are so many choices available that honestly you can create your own unique looks using what is currently “in”.  I love to mix and match styles…adding a boho style top with a business skirt for example.  You may not like being bold, and if that is being true to yourself, then that’s what you should do.  As I have mentioned before, being who you are is the most important factor when considering your confidence and success.

There is one thing that is for sure, even if it’s not a concern to you yet, we are all getting older, getting more smile lines and our faces and bodies change.  But that’s OK – embrace each phase of your life because you are never going to be the same person that you are today…enjoy who you are!

These are just some of my recent looks – as you can see I’m not afraid to not be perfect, but I do believe we can make the most of what we have!


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