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“A fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement!”

Why is it that when you only have a 4 day work week that the week seems to last longer than it normally does.  I am relieved that the weekend is here, and I am headed out to do my own style of workout that I can fit into my busy lifestyle.  This morning Brandon and 3 of the boys (Dalton had to work) headed out to the lake to a water slide and obstacle course, and I opted to stay, enjoy some peace and quiet, read and of course, fit in a workout.

Over the past few months I have been working with a Trainer that has really helped me incorporate fitness and health into my hectic life.  Before I started working with him, I would come home after a day of work (which by the way doesn’t demand a lot of high impact exercise ;)), and I would end up running out to one of the boy’s activities, barely having time to grab myself something to eat and the only time I could fit in a workout was either at the weekend or really early in the morning.  I do love getting up early enough to enjoy the day, but I can tell you if I got up at 5 every morning I would be hating it and my family would be hating it too – if you know what I mean!

Nicco worked with me to help me figure out ways for me to fit some exercise and healthy eating back into my life.  I have always been conscious about my size, if I am toned or not, and I have never been a big eater, so exercise for me is more than about looking a certain way, it’s about me being around to spend time with Brandon and my boys, spend time with grandkids when they come and enjoy my life fully!

His nutrition & fitness program is carefully created for you with targeted lessons and activities that go in a particular logical order, step by step for 12 months. It’s a progressive program so you can learn and improve as you go along.  Not only will you have resources for learning but a “game plan” for action!  I can tell you that even after a couple of months I am noticing more muscle definition and most importantly for me, the desire to continue and be conscious of my eating and exercise habits.

My favorite part, you can do these workouts from anywhere.  In fact, while I was on my cruise (especially because I was on a cruise), I fit in 3-4 workouts during the week, and I used the program that Nicco had developed for me.  If you can only spare 30 minutes a day, then he can create a workout that is perfect for YOU.  All of the contact you will have with Nicco will be via Skype or Facetime, so truly you are in control of your own destiny.  He will give you feedback, make adjustments, and help keep you accountable throughout the year long program, because your workouts will change as your skill level and stamina increases (and trust me, it will).

If you are like me and find that you don’t have time to go to the gym (because for me even the 10 minutes driving there and back were precious minutes that I didn’t want to lose), then this is a program you owe it to yourself to look into!

I am using the Fitness and Nutrition program and it is absolutely worth every penny!  If you are interested in looking into it for yourself, the pricing is listed below, but the best part – I can offer you $20 per month OFF the regular price – you just need to use the Discount code listed below – go to  There is a Chat icon – enter “Michelle99” in the chat box and they will give you the exclusive discount.

$179/month for nutrition program – $159 with discount code

$199/month for nutrition + fitness program – $179 with discount code

Get ready to start a new chapter in your book, get healthy, get fit, get toned, use your own customized exercise and workout program and become a healthier and happier you!

You can direct message me if you have any questions!

Have to go now…my workout calls 😉

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