Happiness is Always in Style!

“Happiness is a journey not a destination!”

I don’t know about you but for me, Monday’s can definitely be blah!   I had the most amazing weekend with my boys, relaxing and just regenerating, so when this morning rolled around I had every intention to make it a great day.  Somehow, by mid morning, my best laid plans had become derailed.  I was no longer in the great mood I was earlier, and my whole physiology changed.

So what happened?  Has this ever happened to you…I had a phone call that didn’t go the way I wanted or most importantly how I EXPECTED it would.  I found myself feeling frustration, anger, disappointment and honestly those feelings are still with me.  I know better – I know that I shouldn’t have expectations about anything or anyone, but sometimes, when I let my guard down, something sneaks in and I am left to face the consequences.

So, how do I handle it?  Well, the first thing is realize that those feelings can be chased away as easily as they arrived…easier said than done.  I have to tell you that it doesn’t hurt that I have a Life Coach as a husband, and it also doesn’t hurt that I have so many things to feel grateful for, so that’s what I do…I focus on the things I have, the things I CAN control and I stop sitting there worrying about something that I can’t change.

Style is not just about wearing great clothes, having a healthy, fit body, or even about whether you are buying the latest trends, it is something that comes from inside.  If you are having one of those days where everything seems disappointing, overwhelming or just plain crappy, the only thing you can do to make yourself feel better is chip away at the symptoms.  I realize that it’s not easy to just let things go, so I have found that distracting myself, finding another focus, or even doing something for someone else always helps me from becoming so self-absorbed that things are harder than they need to be!

Surrounding yourself with those that lift you up rather than keep you down is something that I have become so much conscious of as I am now older, because life is so short I would much rather be happy, and I don’t apologize for not wanting to surround myself with negativity.

Happiness is contagious, so when you spend time with those that are generally happy you will probably notice that suddenly you feel happy and you’re no longer dwelling on things you can’t control.

So…to make a long story short – this Monday has not started how I wanted it to, but guess what, I am so much stronger than anything that can be thrown my way.  I have endured much, I have overcome even more, and the best part – world, I’m ready for you!!

Wearing a casual, flowing outfit that makes me feel good.  This is something to be worn for dinner with your partner, movie night, a concert, fun daytime activities or just hanging around, but I loved how feminine it made me feel. It’s always a good thing when your outfit makes you smile 🙂

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