Comfortable in Heels

“A Woman with good shoes is never ugly!”

It may be because I always felt a little shorter than some people (even though I’m 5’5″), I have always just loved how wearing heels makes me feel taller, more confident, and also they lengthen my legs allowing me to feel like I may be just a little skinnier than normal 🙂

Heels can definitely be something that are not comfortable (especially if you have to be on your feet for long periods of time), and they can be hard sometimes in the summer on hot days where your feet may sweat causing blisters and other problems.

I have found that there are some styles of heels that work better for me, and some that I know I can only wear for special occasions or when I know I am not going to be doing too much walking.

Wedges are a great way to be able to wear heels a little higher than normal, because their height is only in proportion to the difference between the ball of your foot and your heel.  So even though they are still high, they don’t hurt your feet the same!



Block heels are easier to walk in, they don’t put as much pressure onto the ball of your feet because you are getting greater support on your heels.  The great thing is that they can be either worn as part of a casual or dressy outfit.  The ones I am wearing are not high by my standards so I wore them on a day when I had plenty of walking and running around to do.



Stilettos are a whole other story.  I love how feminine they make me feel, but there are definitely times that I question my dedication to wearing them because my feet aren’t happy campers.  If you can find a pair of stilettos that is the right heel height for you (because they do come in all shapes and sizes), then they are definitely worth the effort.  As the cooler seasons are around the corner, wearing heels in booties and boots can have just as big an impact, if not more, than wearing sandals or shoes.

If I am really looking to add something to my wardrobe, shoes or boots are always the first thing I look for.  Having a statement pair of shoes is something that will make you feel classy, confident, stylish, and noticeable all in one…

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