Cherry Blossoms

“Life is about finding out who you are while enjoying the journey to get there!”

Have you ever found that one thing that speaks to you?  When I found these amazing pinstriped, cherry blossom pants when I was in NY, I knew I had to have to them.  I have always loved wide legged pants – mainly because they fit you great weather you have had a huge meal and you’re bloated, if you’ve managed to pack on a few pounds or just for those days when you really can only motivate yourself to wear something loose and comfortable.  Now when I say loose and comfortable you did not hear me say “sloppy” or “unflattering”…what I did say, is that not all outfits need to be tight and fitted for them to look amazing.

Case and point- these pants.  I feel feminine when I’m wearing them, they are still flattering even though they’re loose and they are definitely classy.

I know it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you what kinds of clothes can look amazing, but it’s up to you to find out what REALLY works for you.  Try different styles, be brave and step outside of your comfort zone, but ONLY if you have the stamp of approval from a true friend or your gut tells you that what you’re wearing really does work for you.

Shopping can be an overwhelming thing, but it really doesn’t need to be.  It can be broken down to make it more manageable.  My husband tells me all the time not to give him the “big picture” but lay out a plan and give it to him piece by piece…that way he doesn’t become overwhelmed – the same applies to shopping.  Don’t go out thinking you need to accomplish a huge list of things…pick a category and stick to that.  For example, if you need an outfit for an event, then look for the dress or clothes first.  Make that your goal…if you accomplish that and you aren’t feeling too worn out, then you can move on to the shoes.  Another fun thing to do if you are looking for the right makeup to wear for your event or just a new fresh look, go into Nordstrom or Sephora and have them show you some new, fun products and make you up.  That way you can sit down, let someone else work on you as you breath deeply and perhaps even enjoy a beverage 😉

The key to feeling good about doing something you don’t like (whatever it is), is to focus on the end result rather on the process to get you there.  It is easy to overwhelm ourselves if we really analyze what goes into accomplishing things.

I have a weekend at home with the kids while Brandon is away, and my focus…bike riding, hiking, grocery shopping and maybe even a pedicure.  The key, to throw in a few things that I really love and want to do so that I don’t get bogged down with my “to do” list!

What does your weekend have in store?



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