A Touch of Silver

“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all you could be missing out on the joke of the century!”

Ok so for those of you how know me, you know that I have a very English (dry) sense of humor, I like to be sarcastic and very “cheeky” sometimes but most of the time, I am driven and determined.  So…the picture in this post is me doing something that you may probably never see caught on camera again.  I was doing my “I have had enough of taking pictures” or “I am a blogger and this is what we do” pose.  Either way, it’s not something I do very often and to get it caught on camera…is pretty crazy!  The reason I posted this picture is because I wanted to show that even though I really don’t like to be seen doing this kind of thing…I am OK to not be perfect and kind of make fun of myself.  If I can’t laugh at yourself I’m in big trouble, right?!

The Mules and cute little Silver Michael Kors bag are a great accent to this great embroidered dress – the dress didn’t need much, so I thought a touch of Silver would finish off the outfit perfectly.  If I were to find another pair of shoes or bag, I could have also chosen Red or even Green.

I have to admit it’s kind of hard for me to cram everything I need into such a small bag, so I usually only use this size of bag when I am going on a date with my wonderful husband, a girls night out or some other special event.  It’s hard sometimes to be hassling transferring all my junk from one bag to another, so I have to admit I’m definitely guilty of finding a bag I really like and just sticking with it until I get bored.

I do think it’s a great idea to have a few small bags like this one, or a clutch or even one of the boho style wallets that you can fit a lipstick into or your phone for when you go out.  I definitely love dressing up a  little and finishing off an outfit with a great bag makes me somehow feel like I didn’t miss a piece.

You can click here to get this Michael Kors bag and here to get these great BCBG mules….hurry before the warm weather is gone!

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