4th July Colors

“Independence isn’t doing your own thing, it’s doing the right thing on your own!”

As you know I am originally from England, but after being here for almost 20 years continuously now, I have definitely adopted a lot of the fun Holidays and traditions from over here, because it is now my home.  I was born in England, lived there for 20+ years, and even though I consider myself English to the core, I am definitely part of this whole Independence and I am proud to be an American Citizen!

In honor of the 4th July, I usually wear the colors of the Flag (especially since they are the same colors as the Union Jack 🙂 ), so today’s post shows a great outfit I put together, that could only be improved for the 4th by adding a little Blue in a Denim jacket or something like that.

I have posted some outfits with Gingham recently, and I have seen lots of this pattern in stores, on other blogs, in magazines, and just on the streets, so it is definitely a trend that is here for now and something that can be enjoyed.  I wore this skirt for work one day and someone told me I looked like a tablecloth, so I just responded “It’s a versatile outfit, I’m going on a picnic later”…The person who said it was just having fun with me, so I decided to have a little fun back…because the bottom line is that when I wear something I am wearing it for me and it is always something that I like.

I don’t think it’s important to please other people with your outfit (because let’s face it, there will always be someone who doesn’t like what we wear), but rather to make sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion.  I have seen Gingham mini skirts, and I love the style, but it wouldn’t have been appropriate for me to wear that to work…

The Wedge sandals add even a little more funk to the outfit…you tell me, is it something that catches your eye?  Is it something you could find yourself wearing, or is it just one of those that really isn’t your style.  Either way, it’s fine…remember, dressing for yourself is a very important thing to do.

I remember when I was first married and pregnant, I wore a top that had big and small circles all over it, my husband thought it was the most awful thing he had ever seen – i’m not sure if he didn’t like it just because my stomach was huge and probably made the circles larger, but no matter the reason, although I liked the top, I didn’t continue to wear it because he really didn’t like it.  Now you have to understand, he had never done anything like that before and he has never done anything like that since…so I know it was a pretty genuine reaction and there are definitely going to be times when something doesn’t look quite right on you, and you have to listen to feedback (if you can find someone to actually give you honest feedback!)

Whatever your plans for this Holiday, I hope that you keep safe and have fun.  We are going river rafting, so I am sure I am going to have some great pictures to post!

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