Summer Lovin’…

“A time to relax is when you don’t have time for it!”

Sitting still and relaxing without feeling guilty for not doing yard work, cleaning the house or grocery shopping is a rare occurance!

I love evenings when I am not in any hurry to go anywhere, I can just relax and hang out in my yard, take my dog for a walk or just go for a casual dinner with friends or my family.

Enjoying downtime is something I really love, but I don’t get to do it very often.  When I do, I absolutely take advantage of the beautiful neighborhood that I live in and the amazing friends and family that I have.  My outfit today is simple, casual, comfortable, and most importantly with the addition of the funky shoes…unique!!

Casual styles are so open to interpretation, there are so many choices and different styles that you can truly create any look you like!  My outfit is perfect for dinner and a movie or pretty much anything.  Finding an outfit that is so versatile is almost like finding the holy grail because you can pull it out whenever you need a “go to” look 🙂

Jeans, a printed T shirt and some funky booties or sandals is something you can probably put together with things that are already in your closet!

As the Holiday weekend draws near, I hope this gives you a little casual style inspiration.


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