Some Summer Style Picks


“There is no force equal to a Woman determined to rise!”

I have a lot of friends that love fashion but they hate to shop. That has never been my problem, in fact some may think that I like shopping just a little too much (if there is such a thing)…

For those of you that love finding unique styles, but really don’t know where to start, don’t have time, or just want some inspiration, I have put together two really cute outfits and included the links below! Some of the pieces are really good deals, I tried to find some really cute things that I would wear, and that would be perfect now the long summer nights are here, for pool or beach time, or even just to hang out in the evenings.

I know buying online can be a little intimidating sometimes, especially if you haven’t purchased from a store or website before and you aren’t sure about their sizing. My answer to that is give it a try anyway – check the store’s return policy, weigh the cost versus return shipping fees, and decide if it’s worth it. I absolutely love Zara and their app or website is amazing (especially since there isn’t one here in Utah I like to check out their styles when I am out of town and always find new, unique things online too). Their sizing is pretty accurate, but I have noticed in the jeans they are a little smaller.

Wearing less during hot days and nights is definitely something that is much more appealing and I even love to wear cute flats (just like the Steve Madden flat sandals I have included in my picks).

Whatever your plans this weekend, stay cool and shop online 🙂

  1. Tie Dye Skirt
  2. Tory Burch Bag 
  3. Steve Madden Sandals
  4. White swimsuit
  5. Navy/White Stripe swimsuit
  6. Gingham top
  7. Black shades
  8. Espadrilles
  9. Jeans
  10. Black tank
  11. Red Ray Bans

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