A pop of Yellow


“Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you!”

Summer is the time for Bold colors and confidence!  I almost feel a little more free to try new things, especially when it comes to something that really stands out and is noticeable.  I love this blouse that is the color of sunshine, it just put me in a really happy mood.  It’s funny how colors and what we wear can do that.

I found this blouse on one of my new favorite sites – Shein and I love it (click here to shop their site).  It is pretty lightweight, so even though it has longer sleeves, it is still something that I can wear on a warmer day.  Yellow is also a color that works really well with denim amongst other things.  I paired it with a pair of tortoiseshell shades because it is a warmer color it works with earth tones really well.  Other accessories are also Brown/metallic earth tones – a Michael Kors watch along with some earrings that I found at World Market.

Yellow is a color that brings out the glow of your skin – even more so when you have a tan!  I love how the Green leaves really contrast the Blue of the denim and the Yellow of the blouse…I really feel like Erin www.erinwynessphotography.com) captured some great shots here!



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