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“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than a belief that she is beautiful!”

One of my favorite “go to” outfit combinations for spring and summer is the combination of Navy and White. It is such a fresh look, and it can be interpreted however you want. One of the combinations I see very often is Navy and White pinstripes and I love that look, but today’s post is to show how you can wear the traditional colors but switch it up just a little.  The blouse I am wearing is a Navy with some Copper and Silver flecks, with a hight neck, and I am wearing it with some White distressed jeans.  It is a great way to dress up the jeans but yet still look stylish.

I believe in finding what you like and are comfortable with, and going with that.  With so many style choices out there, it is so easy to create your own personal touch to any outfit, whether you do that by pairing different articles of clothing together, by adding your signature accessories or shoes, or just by being eclectic and unique, how you dress says a lot about you, so why not make what you say something people will remember for a good reason.

I have always loved style and fashion since I was a little girl, so that means I watch the latest trends, notice other people, shop in stores and online and just generally pay attention to things that capture my eye and how I can make them work for me.  Not everyone views style and fashion in the same way which is why you see so many different outfits when you look around…so whether you are someone that notices other people or one that doesn’t isn’t important, but one thing you do need to be aware of is how people perceive you.  I know people that have not been hired for jobs even though they are qualified and quite possibly the best candidate because they have not presented themselves well.  Your style says a lot about you…it says whether you believe you are capable of doing something or not.  You can truly tell the difference between someone that really believes in themselves versus someone who is not so self-assured.  I don’t believe that it means that one is more capable than the other when it really comes down to it, but employers and clients want to see that whatever you are selling (especially if that is yourself), that you believe in it!

I have worked in sales for a long time, and it really does make a difference that I believe in myself and my abilities.  If I didn’t, how could I expect anyone else to?

Shop some Navy and White trends by clicking below on the pictures…

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