Planning your Outfit…


“A girl knows her limits, but a wise girls knows she has none!”

Today’s outfit shows the versatility of denim.  I love finding different ways to wear denim – in fact, I actually have a business suit that is made of denim fabric and it looks fabulous.   These denim culottes are comfortable, classy, stylish and unique.  When you think of denim it is not very often that people think of culottes, and that is why I like them.  Spring and summer are great times to add some denim into your closet…

Over the years I have developed a plan that helps me put together my outfits.  If you are a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of girl…then you need to read this:

  • I have always been a planner when it comes to what I am going to wear for an occasion, but what about when the weekend flys by and before you know it Monday is here and you have no idea what you are going to wear?  There are definitely occasions where this could happen, which is why I like to take about 5 minutes at night picking out what I am going to wear the following day.  I partly do this because I would much rather have 5 more minutes in bed than pick out an outfit in the morning, but also because I think much more clearly than when I am having to creep around inside my closet because Brandon is still sleeping 🙂  Choosing what you are going to wear is a very important decision, so planning is absolutely necessary unless you are never in a hurry or don’t ever have anywhere important to go!
  • Another important consideration when putting together an outfit is where you are going and who you will be seeing.  If you are on the fence about whether you should wear something casual or dressy, it is better to err on the side of caution and dress up a little more.  You are less likely to draw attention to yourself as being overdressed than you are if you are under-dressed.
  • Invest in some basics or staples that fit you really well.  You can build an outfit using these and it will always look put togehter because of the time and consideration you have put into buying quality basics that work for your body type.  For example, if you have a great fitting pair of jeans you can add just about anything to that outfit and it will look amazing…\
  • Always have at least one item that really stands out.  Whether it is a great purse or bag that makes people notice, or a pair of shoes that cause stares, every woman should have that one piece that draws attention!

If you implement even just one of these ideas, you will notice that your style choices and outfits will come together much more smoothly.  I’m not saying that you need to spend hours considering what you are going to wear the next day, but believe me when I tell you that people notice when someone has taken the time to choose their outfit versus someone who just threw it together.  Question is, how do you want to be remembered?  I know my answer…





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