It’s time for Sandals

“Yes I’m a SHOE-AHOLIC.  No, I don’t need help!”

Whether you are a fan of heels or not, there is one that that is going to be true for you no matter what…we are now in the season for wearing sandals.  There are so many different colors, styles, heels, wedges, flats, espadrilles, and many, many more!  So how do you decide which ones work for you and the outfit you are wearing?

Here are a few tips for picking the right sandals this summer, and then some of my top summer sandal picks…

  1. If you are wearing a skirt or dressing up a little, a heel (even if it is only 1″) dresses up your outfit.
  2. Don’t try to wear something that is uncomfortable for you just so you can look good – it is better to be conservative in your style and be able to wear your sandals all day long than trying to wear heels that are so painful and uncomfortable that you are miserable all day.
  3. Trying new styles is a good thing, however, don’t stray too far from your own true style…for example, I am someone that loves wearing heels (lots of different heights and styles), so I tend to stick to that, unless I am looking for something to wear at the weekend or to the beach.  I know that if I pick out a pair of sandals that is completely flat, no matter how cute, there are only going to be certain times that I will wear those.
  4. When you are picking strappy sandals, make sure to try them on.  I have bought them before and had my small toe stick out and cause me huge problems by the end of the day because it cuts off the circulation.

The sandals I am wearing in the pictures above are a pair I have had for a few years but I absolutely love.  They have the heels that I love, they are a little more edgy style and yet they allow me to be feminine with the A-line leather skirt.  If you are picking out a pair of sandals to put in your closet the most important question is whether you are drawn to them or like them, but another important consideration is whether you have the outfits that they will work with.  It is very important to make sure that they fit the styles you normally wear, and that you will find outfits that they actually work with.  I have seen many people pick out a nice pair of shoes or sandals and then wear them with an outfit that doesn’t quite work, and that kind of defeats the purpose…

Check out some of my hottest sandal picks right now…click the link to take you directly to shop them!

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