Denim is not just for Jeans

“You don’t have time to be timid, you must be bold and daring!”

There are so many different ways to wear denim and I have shown a few of them over the past few weeks…

Today’s post is dedicated to wearing denim shoes, which I think is a great way to add something unique to your outfit.  Denim was once only for jeans, but over the years we have seen many additions to that with shirts, skirts, jackets and now even shoes.

The shoes is in this post are a pair I bought last summer from Nine West, but I have pulled a few similar ones that you can check out for yourself in the links below.  I like them because they work with so many different outfit options.  You could create an outfit contrast with White jeans, a business suit, a casual dress or skirt or even with some distressed denim jeans.  If you do decide to wear them with other denim pieces, try not to match the color too closely – it is better to have different shades of denim (light, White, dark, or distressed) then look like you are trying to “match” your shoes to your outfit.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the outfit I put together, but in the meantime, shop some of my denim shoe picks below…

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