Color Confidence

“The days that you don’t live out loud are the days that others don’t see you!”

Do you have a color that just speaks to you sometimes and you know you have to wear it?  This throwback picture jumped out to me because recently I have really been “feeling” this Coral color – I think it’s because the sun is shining, and my skin is no longer that transparent almost vampire like color that can happen during the colder Winter months!

On my recent shopping trip to New York I came across this color quite a bit at Zara – which is absolutely my favorite store to visit whenever and wherever I travel.  They had some amazing Coral striped dresses, some shoes, pieces with accents of the color and so many other amazing pieces that I felt like a kid in candy store!  I have to admit I feel like that quite a bit when I am shopping…for me, I would rather shop than eat any day!!!

I have recently ordered some other great dresses, tops and a skirt from – which is a really inexpensive website, but has high quality fabrics not like others that I have ordered from before.

Summer really is the time to wear bright and bold colors – in fact, I think it’s important to “walk to the beat of your own drum” and not worry about how others may view you, or what they might say – just feel good about yourself!

I also found some great culottes in Yellow at Zara – I have only worn them once so far this year, so I think they will be something I take on the cruise for one of those nights where it’s a little more dressy 🙂 Stay tuned for some great travel pics over the next few weeks!



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