Cherry Blossoms

“Classy is when a Woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it.”

With today being Sunday I wanted to post about a style of dress that is a great option for a warm day because it’s not too clingy, it won’t make you feel too warm, and most importantly, when you are going anywhere that requires you to be getting in and out of cars, you won’t have to worry about creases 🙂

The color of this dress is pretty unique, but I think it works and I have to give a shout out to my photographer (Erin Wyness Photography) because she picked the perfect setting and captured the amazing blossoms and scenery and made sure it was a great backdrop for this dress.

I paired mine with some Gold accessories (necklaces, watch, Gold rimmed aviator sunglasses and even a Gold bun cuff), and then to add a little “spice” to the outfit, I picked out a pair of Camo suede pumps (you can find similar by clicking here).

One thing you may want to think about if you are wearing a form-fitting dress like this one, is that if you have a  little of stomach it will highlight it – but there are always around that kind of thing:  1.  buy a larger size dress so it doesn’t fit so tight 2.  buy an undergarment that holds you in where you need to be held in!  I believe that any woman can look classy if she works at it, and sometimes, wearing a dress like this is a great way to do it – don’t let little things deter you if you feel you can pull it off.  You can click here to find a dress similar to mine.


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