Business Confidence!!

“Being a Female is a matter of birth, being a Woman is a matter of age and being a Lady is a matter of choice!”

Whether you are a Business person or not, whenever you walk into a room, I have always found that it is a good idea to make people remember you!  This post and outfit is dedicated to that belief.

The outfit is classicly stylish but also has a hint of femininity and style.  I have worn this dress with different colored and styled blouses underneath but I definitely love how the sleeves flow with this blouse.  I also added a pair of great Leopard print pumps to tie in the colors and make the outfit a little more spicy.  The accessories were simple and remiscent of Jackie O or other classic ladies like Audrey Hepburn – just simply pearls!

I don’t think there needs to be much said about the outfit because it speaks for itself…

For all you Mothers out there, I hope you are treated with the love you deserve this weekend!



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