Bun Cuff

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination!”

In a recent shoot I had the opportunity to highlight a great new accessory that I have been lucky enough to try out thanks to a friend of mine…I love trying new styles and ways to wear my hair, so when I saw this cuff it definitely got my mind to working!  The pictures in the post show me wearing it a semi-formal kind of way, but I have also worn it where my whole hair has been in the bun for a style that means a little more business 🙂

For today’s shoot I was going for a more fun and flowing spring style and I love how the pictures turned out.  I have had my hair in many different styles because I get bored of it looking the same – but I have to admit, I am loving the versatility of the length and style I have now because it allows me to feminine, casual and even a little sassy depending on my current mood.  What appeals to you?  Do you like to try new and different hair styles as well?  If you haven’t tried using a bun cuff, let me tell you, it is actually one of my favorite accessories right now.  I find myself coming up with new ideas and ways to wear it – in fact I may have to buy some more because there are so many different ones to choose from!

If you are looking for some great hair accessories and other fun stuff, click here and check out what she has available.  The great thing is that they are really affordable and definitely unique (which was the most important selling point for me!)

I just arrived home from my shopping trip to NY so I am enjoying the sunshine here with my boys and getting a little time to put my feet up (because after over 23,000 steps a day according to my fitness tracker), my feet can definitely use it!

I hope your weekend has been great…enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I know I will!



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