These Boots are made for Walking…

“These boots will take me where they will!”

I have to admit I absolutely love myself a pair of boots that are a little edgy chic!  The booties in today’s post are one of my current favorites, I love the studded straps, the pointy toes as well as the heel height.  They are perfect to wear with a shift dress, a pair of joggers (like I wore), some jeans or even a pair of business pants.  Sometimes it’s kind of fun to cross styles (like using these edgy boots with business attire).

It is always a great idea to own a pair of boots that you know you can pull out often because they are versatile and more than anything because you absolutely love them!  Styles have changed so much over the years, so that now you don’t just need colder weather to wear boots, in fact it is fun to experiment with them in the spring and summer 🙂

Mine are Top Shop, but there are so many other brands out there that feature similar styles…I have posted some below for you to explore for yourselves!

Finally the weekend is here!  Have a great weekend…


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