Summer Lovin’

“By consciously starting your day focused on gratitude and joy, you will find that your whole life will begin to sparkle!”

As I am busy traveling with my family, I didn’t want to take away too much time for photos of me, so I am posting a TBT this shoot where I am feeling sooo optimistic about warmer days and summer getting here!

I am definitely someone who is much more in my element on nicer days and I find it easier to feel calm, happy, confident and grateful…so I realize that I need to work on those things on days where it’s rainy or snowy, because whether we like it or not, we are always going to have days where it’s not going to be amazing weather and our life is going to be hard with kids etc!

It is easy to contemplate everything we are grateful for when we don’t have stresses of school, work or home to get us down when we are on vacation, the challenge is doing it when things are not great!

As I spend time with my kids I realize that what drives me crazy about them I will really miss in a few years when they are on their own, and my work or home stresses don’t have to define who I am or how I react to things!  I really do feel blessed to have the life I have, and my commitment to myself is to not sweat the small stuff when I am no longer on vacation and back in the real world!

New Year is sometimes a time to make resolutions, but I feel like I need to recommit almost every day so I don’t slip back into bad habits and thoughts.  Have you ever noticed that your thoughts very often dictate what happens to you?  It’s a simple concept – what we focus on becomes reality because that is where we are directing our energy…therefore, to change something, focus on what you want it to be instead of focusing on what it is!

I wish you all a positive day filled with love, gratitude, family and friends!


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