“Aging is a fact of life.  Looking your age is not!”

There are many things I can live without in my life but lipstick is not one of them.  I have tried many different products, colors and textures of lipstick over the years, but I am really excited to talk about a new one I tried today!

You may have already heard about LipSense, and even if you have, let me tell you a little more.  I am constantly applying new lipstick to keep my lips moisturized as well as looking good, but with LipSense, you apply it once and it stays for a long time – all you need to do is apply a clear, matte or glitter gloss over the top.  All of that is great, but my absolute favorite thing about LipSense is that it doesn’t stay on your teeth and more importantly it doesn’t transfer to things you put to your lips (my kids are especially happy that when I kiss them in the morning they don’t have to worry about wiping off the lipstick 😉 )

I have a friend that suggested I try this great new product because I wouldn’t be disappointed.  I challenge you to do the same!  I am putting my friends contact info on my Instagram, so shoot her a message or call her today!  There are wide selection of colors, along with different glosses.  The color I am wearing in the pictures above is “Bella” and I love it because it is a neutral and natural looking color.  If you ‘re looking for something more bold, they have those colors as well…Stay tuned because I will be posting pic’s with me wearing “Fly Girl” which is a really bold and bright Red!


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