Easter Sunday

“Everything around us is made up of energy.  To attract positive energy into your life, start by giving off positive energy.”

Today’s post is a quick one because I have been enjoying my day out by the pool, barbequeing and loving spending time with my family this Easter Sunday.

I love the warm days and evening where we can enjoy a few laughs, eat great food, and spending time together.  We opened the pool today and the boys have been swimming already (we keep it open a lot of the year by just heating it the day before we want to swim…although today it didn’t require much warming!)  I pulled out all the patio cushions and the umbrella’s because I really do think that we will be having many more days outside on our patio by the pool 🙂

A quick note about the outfit – this is a dress I bought last year from H&M because I loved the pattern and colors, because it’s spring I felt like it was a good time to pull it out again.  It is a shirt style dress that has the rounded hem and is just above the knee (perfect for a warmer day).  The shoes are not Valentino – I would definitely love to own a pair of those, but these are an imitation Sam Edelman pair, that I think will work for now (they are definitely more affordable).

As we head into the week I wanted to leave you with a note of positivity and optimisim because as we know, the way we feel and therefore what we focus on determines the types of experiences we will have and I want to make sure that as I head into this upcoming week (especially since it is my first days back after a week-long vacation), that I feel energized, confident and happy to be doing what I am doing.  The more I focus on my success rather than how things are NOT working, I find that more success is attracted to me.

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