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“May my heart be brave, my mind be fierce and my spirit be free!”

Some of you may have seen the video that I posted today, if not, you should go to either my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to check it out.

I have worked in Sales for 20 years and during that time I have had the opportunity to speak to large audiences, be part in TV and radio commercials, but the one thing that I STILL find uncomfortable is to see myself in video and hear my voice!  I’m not so vain that I think I am always going to look amazing, but it seems that apparently I have an expectation of myself that is not quite the reality I see.  I have overcome many challenges in my life, so this is really just a minor inconvenience rather than a challenge, nevertheless, it is one I am going to fix right now!

I am a person that once I make a decision I am really good about making it happen (or at least some degree of what I want), so realizing that something is holding me back is just the beginning of me becoming a stronger more aware and confident woman.  I have never lacked confidence in myself, however, there are still some things that I do not feel confident doing.  As a child how this manifested itself was if I wasn’t immediately amazing at something, I pretty much didn’t do it.  As you can imagine, living life that way is no way to live because you miss out on the opportunity to grow. I recognize this same trait in one of my boys and it breaks my heart seeing him not trying because when he is not as good as he thinks he should be, he doesn’t want to try!

So, what to do? Well, what I have figured out is that the only way I can help my kids is by showing them! I have to overcome feeling that I am not GREAT at something and keep doing it anyway. Once they see that I don’t let insecurity or intimidation stop me, the goal is that they will do the same.

Back to the video, I posted today what is the first video in a long stream of videos I am going to post – just a warning in case you don’t want to see me talking every day! J I am so determined that this is going to be the way I break through this and become great at it…

As I write this post I am smiling because every step I take in this direction sets me free because I am not allowing anything to hold me back!

Happy Hump Day – What would Free your Soul?

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