Add Spice to your Footwear

“The things I used to trip on, I walk over now!”

A little more for the post a few days ago, just to highlight some great new shoes I found…

I know you’ve heard me talk about this plenty of times, but having the right shoes can absolutely make or break an outfit.  These great Snakeprint shoes are even better because they have a great Spring Yellow accented on them.  By itself Snakeprint is great, but when you add the Yellow, wow!

Finding the right shoes sounds like a simple thing, but sometimes it can be harder than you think because there are so many different shapes and styles available, so here are a few simple tips so you can go find your own pair of great shoes:

  1. Consider what you want to wear them with – if you are someone that tends to wear skirts, dresses or dress up very often, then you probably don’t need to be looking for a pair of stiletto heels that you will only pull out to wear every once in a blue moon.
  2. Try to avoid matching colors too closely – chances are that they won’t match at all and it will just look like you tried too hard.
  3. Choose the color carefully – stick to neutrals if you are unsure, or if you are more adventurous pick out a bold color that you know you will work with outfits you already have (or even better, buy one that has various pieces so you can mix and match).
  4. Choose the right shoes for the season – much as I love wearing some of my shoes, with the snow here in Utah there are certain days or times of year that I have to give those shoes a break.
  5. If you have shorter legs and want to make them look longer – stiletto heels are a great way to do that.  However, try to steer away from heels with ankle straps if you have short legs because it will make them look shorter.

These tips are simple, and you may be wondering why I am talking about them.  The answer is that a lot of people I see sometimes get their shoes wrong, and it certainly doesnt hurt to have some information that might help you improve on your style points.

Have a great weekend…and don’t forget to walk with intention in those great shoes you pick out 🙂


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