Sunday Styling


“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things!”

For a perfect Sunday look, today I started with accessories and the perfect hair. What I wore was built around how I styled my hair and which accessories I wanted to wear. I chose to wear a necklace that one of my boys bought me for Christmas that has long and shorter lengths, so I was looking for a top that would allow me to show those off. This Taupe cowl neck top was the perfect pick, and I added plain Black T-shirt underneath.

Feminity was the focus of this look and I think with the subtle creases of the top, the french pleat up-do along with the fine Gold chained accessories I accomplished what I was aiming for!

Shopping for the perfect feminine outfit can sometimes be a little daunting, so why not check out StyleWe to see some amazing styles created by some great new designers!  Living in Utah where there is not the opportunity to find as many unique styles, I often find myself looking online when I want something different.  StyleWe is offering Free shipping right now, so you don’t have anything to lose, especially since there is a great Sale going on right now too!

I am a firm believer in the fact that if you want to look great on the outside you need to start with the inside which is why I stopped at Vive Juicery here in Salt Lake to grab myself a little fresh pressed juice, exactly what my body was needing.  Being happy, healthy and beautiful are all things that go hand in hand, and if you want people to see you as beautiful you first need to start seeing yourself that way.  When you see yourself as beautiful you treat yourself in such a way that takes care of everything about you…by eating healthy, balanced foods and by exercising regularly.  I also believe that a beauty regimen is important, and it’s better to start as young as possible.  I know when I was much younger I didn’t think it was as important to take care of my skin and health as I realize it is now!

Sunday’s are a great way to recuperate after a long work-week, and give your body and mind the opportunity to recharge.  I love my Sunday’s and how much more energy I feel on a Monday morning after I have had a day to relax.

Happy Sunday – I hope you feel ready for the amazing things this week can hold for you!


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