Solid Gold


“Being unique is better than being perfect!”

A few days ago I posted my new favorite Gold purse, and I have shown an outfit where I am wearing these amazing Gold booties, but I felt very strongly that they deserved some of their own limelight!

There has never been a time in my life where I haven’t wanted to shop for shoes.  Even when I was pregnant and not feeling motivated about buying clothes only to have them not fit me in a few weeks…I always felt good about buying new shoes.  Actually I think that being able to buy new shoes and at least being able to control that aspect of my outfit is what got me through 4 pregnancies 🙂

I love finding unique styles, colors and patterns and I especially LOVE finding a good deal!  That’s why when I go on shopping trips to other cities with my friends I always manage to find myself quite a few pairs of shoes.  I also love shopping online, especially because there aren’t many unique shoe stores in Utah and I like to find things that nobody else or at least very few others have.

It is so fun to put together an outfit that really stands out and for me more often than not it starts by me wanting to wear a certain pair of shoes…

There are many ways to put together an outfit – where do you start?  Do you pick the clothes and then match the shoes?  Do you stay basic and choose neutral or versatile colors?  If you get ready either of those 2 ways, just a small suggestion to make yourself spicier is to pick a pair of shoes that doesn’t “match” and is a unique contrast to what you are wearing…

If you want some Gold in your life you can find some by clicking the links below!



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