Satin and Lace

“I am not a difficult Woman at all, I am simply a strong Woman and know my worth!”

Sundays mean something different for everyone, but for me it means a variety of things!

  • Firstly, it means I can fill my soul with peace at church
  • Secondly, I get to spend time with my family (even though sometimes that can be challenging by itself because I have a house full of all boys and if you thought only girls brought drama, you would be completely wrong 😉
  • Finally it gives me the opportunity to spend some time relaxing and getting prepared for what lies ahead this week!

Putting together the Sunday best outfit for today’s post I combined different textures to add dimension, and the combination of satin, velvet and lace adds an air of sophistication and class.

I always feel so confident and attractive when I embrace my feminine side and this outfit certainly helped me to feel that!  I love any day that I am wearing something that makes me feel amazing about myself…it can be as simple as having a good hair day, picking out an outfit that I feel makes me look great, or even just doing your makeup in a natural way that enhances your inner beauty.

In England they are celebrating Mother’s Day today, so I write this post in honor of all the amazing mothers and friends I have still over there!  As Women we need to remember to embrace our inner feminine power and lift each other up…it takes a strong Woman to know a strong Woman!

Shop today’s outfit by the app – if you haven’t already downloaded it, you should really do that.  Simply go to the App store, and either like or screenshot picures with a tag and you will be notified of where to the buy the outfit in the post.  If that isn’s shopping made easy, I don’t know what is 🙂

Click one of the pictures below for a link directly to the website where you can buy similar pieces…


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