Leather on Sunday?



“Everything that is made beautiful, lovely and fair is made for the eye of one who see’s it!”

I have never been much of a rule follower – especially when I don’t like the rule!  Anyone who knows me knows that I like to find ways to make rules work for me 🙂  Based on that, I want to pose a question to you…is Leather appropriate for Sunday dress?  I personally think that Leather can be extremely tasteful, classy and sophisticated…so truly the answer to that question for me is “if it’s done right!”

Today’s post shows an amazing skirt I found recently from Dirty Gal and I am absolutely in love with the cut and length. Because the length is not inappropriately short and the cut is not too tight, it allowed me to pull together a classy looking outfit.  For me, it is not a fabric that can make an outfit look trashy but rather the length, cut and how it is put together.  If in doubt on the length of a skirt (especially if you are wearing it for something other than a bar or nightclub) use the rule of thumb that when you kneel it doesn’t sit more than a couple of inches above your knee.  If you have shied away from wearing Leather because you feel it’s too edgy, perhaps you could try adding a lace blouse or one with ruffles to make the whole outfit more feminine.  As you can see I chose to wear a top that has a cowl neck, which softens the lines in the outfit and allows it to feel more feminine.  There are so many ways you can wear an outfit and incorporate Leather into it, for example you could try one of the following suggestions:

  1. A knee-high Leather skirt in a soft color like Beige or Cream and add a floral or lace blouse.
  2. Wear an A-line Leather skirt with ankle-strap pumps add a plain, simple T-shirt and a large necklace.
  3. Try some Leather pants with a tunic in a bright springy color.

Any one of the suggestions above is a great way to try something new or just adjust what you have been doing already.  For me, Leather is something that can be used in any season with slight adaptations and it certainly can be used for most occasions when it is done right.

The goal of today’s post is to let you know that you don’t have to follow rules but rather you can adapt those rules to fit any occasion.  I like Leather, so I find ways to make it work for no matter what I am doing.  If you feel that way about lace but you don’t feel it’s appropriate to wear for business, adapt how you are wearing it…anything is possible when you’re motivated to make it work!

Have a beautiful Sunday

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