Just hanging out


“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me!”

Saturdays are just for hanging out, running errands and now spring is here it is almost time for baseball season!

Today’s outfit is a perfect simple casual look with a little added leopard for that extra spice…

Just to be clear, when I say casual I don’t mean going anywhere without at least looking at least a little put together.  I think that looking put together is relative and individual – it can even just mean as little as brushing your hair and applying a lip gloss – but one thing that is for sure is that you should always check yourself in the mirror in a good light so you can make sure you can catch even the smallest detail!

My casual styles tend to be a little more dressy than some other people’s and I think that is my upbringing (I don’t think I even owned a pair of jeans until I moved over here from England!)

I like shoes or boots with at least a little bit of a heel – they always make me feel more dressy and confident.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t wear flats or sneakers when I am having a casual day.  The point is, whatever you are wearing, take a little time to make sure it flows and you can feel good about yourself when you step out of the door…!

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