India Hicks

“Worry about loving yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.”

I hadn’t heard of India Hicks until recently, but let me tell you, when I did, I was so excited for these amazing finds.  As I’ve told you before, I am a bargain shopper, but there are definitely some things that I don’t mind paying for amazing quality.  The first thing that I had to have was the Green clutch – it really caught my eye firstly because of the color, and secondly because I loved the tassel.  When it arrived I knew it was worth the money I spent because the leather feels like butter.  As I check out various designers and their purses or bags, I honestly haven’t found another one that is the same quality as this one.

If you haven’t seen or tried anything from India Hicks, click here and you can look at the amazing things she has to offer!   I don’t mind spending more on bags and some other accessories because I know that means they will really last and stay looking good.  There’s nothing worse than buying something and within a week or two it looks as cheap as it was.  Quality is something worth paying for 🙂  India Hicks also has great fragrances, jewelry and scarves, etc.  In fact, there is pretty much something to suit any woman…

The second thing I came across was this wallet – it is actually pretty versatile and can be used as a smaller clutch for a night out where you don’t want to bother switching everything over from your wallet to your bag.  That is one option, or you can use it for everyday use, which is what I bought it for!

The pictures today highlight the wallet and clutch and a little sneak peak of the outfit I was wearing when I carried them…stay tuned for more tomorrow on that.

It’s funny, after I bought the clutch I was on Facebook and noticed a few of my friends had liked the India Hicks page.  I think that another reason I really like India and her products is because she is from England and related to the Royal family…so if you haven’t already, go check out her bags by clicking here…you won’t be disappointed!

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