Gold is It!


“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears!”

In yesterday’s post I featured my new favorite Gold booties.  Gold is one of my favorites right now, it is such a versatile color to wear and accessorize with.  The patent booties from yesterday were definitely statement making, and in today’s post I am featuring my current favorite handbag.

I have moved away a little from the larger totes, and I am really enjoying the size and of course the color of this cute little bag.  It has a longer strap that can be used if you want to wear the bag as a cross body bag, but I am using it without that and liking how it sits perfectly on my shoulder.

I feel like as Spring is quickly approaching metallics are going to continue to be such a great hit, so why not try adding some pieces to your wardrobe.

I used to switch out my handbag very frequently (in fact I used to do it almost every day) because I wanted it to match every outfit I wore.  One of the great things about a Gold or another metallic bag is that you don’t need to do that, it works with so many different outfits.  Yes, I do realize that I am wearing glasses in this post…I really only need them for night driving, but I was going for a librarian look in this shoot 🙂

My bag is a Michael Kors, and you can find that one and similar others as well as some of my favorite metallic picks right now by clicking one of the links below!

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