Channeling my Inner Pink Lady

“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do!”

As I was getting ready for this shoot I put together some outfits that I thought would work for what I wanted to feature.  As I put together the outfit I am posting today I didn’t realize that I actually liked the pieces and how they went together because they reminded me of something…yes, it is Grease the movie!

Ever have one of those moments where you think “Hmmmh, I’m not quite sure that I would wear this outfit around?” – Well, this outfit is one of those for me!  So, what did I do, I decided to strut my stuff and walk like I had all the confidence in the world.  Do I think that I put together an award winning outfit – NO!  However, what I can tell you is that it didn’t matter because it didn’t make me feel any less confident.  I like all the pieces separately, so, putting them together into an outfit and making a choice to”rock it” was an easy transition!

It doesn’t matter how many clothes you own, how much you know about style/fashion or how confident you are about yourself, there are going to be days where the outfit you put together is not going to be your favorite or you may even think that you may not actually even wear it again…but the key is to have confidence in yourself and once you do, your perspective may change!

I don’t always get it right, and I definitely like some of the outfits I wear more than others, but no matter how I feel, I always hold my head up and walk with intention and the power that I know I have!

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