Add a little Glitter


“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!”

Have you ever travelled to a certain place and thought to yourself that everyone there looks the same, or that they look so much different than I do?  Culturally there are different rules that we follow depending on where we live.  For example California I always associated with long blonde hair and natural makeup.

As Women we look at magazines and style pictures of people and think that we want to look the same.  The problem is, we are NOT the same as the picture and no matter what we do, we won’t ever look the same.  If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.  Take a picture of a hair style and take it to your stylist and tell him to recreate it.  I guarantee that you won’t look like the picture, not because your stylist did a bad job, but rather that YOU don’t look like the person in the picture.

Every one of us is unique, and I truly believe that is a good thing.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing to look at certain styles and want to try them for yourself, or to buy things that you have seen others wearing because you like it. It’s only a problem when all your expectations guide you in such a way to disappoint you when you are not identical to another person you have seen in a magazine or blog.

As women, we’re given a script about what it means to be beautiful. Sometimes it’s explicitly stated, and other times it’s simply implied when you look around and realize many people look the same.”

Self-esteem or confidence is something that we all deserve to have, we are all amazing, different and unique individuals that need to make US work for US. It is as simple as allowing yourself to be you…whether that is in your style, your demeanor or your confidence…don’t be afraid to be you.

I have always said that sometimes it is easier to tone back a really “big” personality than it is to gain a little confidence to stand up for yourself. Sometimes as a Woman if you speak out, or don’t agree with someone else, it can be considered as being a bitch…so that is where how you present yourself is important. I have been known to have a sharp tongue at times in my life, so that is why even though it is important to stand up, it needs to be done in a nice way!

I believe in a little glitter and sparkle can brighten your day, and the shoes in this post are the ones from the outfit I posted yesterday.  There is one rule that you may want to follow when it comes to glitter and that is simply UNDERSTATED IS THE KEY!!

Shop the outfit by clicking below and make sure you download the app so you can like my Instagram pics and get outfit details immediately!


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