Sunday Best Throwback


“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!”

Today’s outfit is one that features one of my favorite peplum tops.  This style of top works really well when you wear something that is fitted (like this pencil skirt) – they also work with tight pants or leggings.  The point is, in order to make sure that the top doesn’t create a frumpy look, you will want to have a contrasting piece of clothing on the bottom.

I paired the top with the pencil skirt in Khaki and then to finish it off, added some fishnets and leopard print pumps.  The effect is really striking and actually quite timeless – because it is not exactly a “trend” it is an outfit that you can put together in many different ways, on many different days and not look outdated.  Finding pieces or outfits like this are key when you are considering buying clothes.

I love Sunday’s – I get the chance to dress up for Church, and then spend the rest of the day relaxing and spending time with my family.  We enjoy playing games, watching movies and basically being lazy but happy!

When the weather is warmer we like to go to parks for picnics, even take a hike in one of our beautiful canyons.  Sometimes what we think is going to be horrible or boring (according to my kids) actually ends up being one of the most memorable things we have done together as a family.   On our last vacation to Maui with the boys we got to hike, zip line as well as many other things – my boys still talk about the trip!

What makes your Sunday special…?

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