Silky and Classy


“There are 2 things that never go out of style and a feminine Woman is one of them!”

There are some fabrics that immediately evoke certain reactions – satin and silk are fabrics that are considered classy and sophisticated!  That’s why I wanted to highlight this outfit again…

The dress is a delicate dusky Pink with Black highlights – velvet boots are a perfect compliment to the satin of the dress, and the whole outfit has a classy and sophisticated look!

Satin and silk are fabrics that are easy to work with – they are not clingy, but beware because they do wrinkle easily and can be see-through sometimes.  I love how they flow and create a feminine feel for any style of clothing they are created in.

The outfit is simple – just a shift dress to which I added a Silver accent belt, which is easy to recreate if you are looking for a similar look!

Femininity is key in this outfit which is created by the flow of the fabric and the subtle dusky Pink color of the dress.


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